Meta Advertisers Report System Glitches Lead to Ad Price Surge

Meta Advertisers Report

Are you keeping an eye on your Facebook ads charges and performance? You probably should, because according to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook’s ad system has been “glitchy” for weeks.

As per Bloomberg:

“[Meta’s ad system] has been hampered by major performance issues, according to numerous marketers. The cost of running ad campaigns is up significantly, while results are mixed and ensuing sales are down — and there has been no formal explanation from the company, ad buyers say.”

Various marketers have shared their concerns about this in recent months, which has seen CPMs rise “by a factor of three”, according to additional reporting by Search Engine Land.

Meta has acknowledged that it has seen some issues with ad delivery, though it doesn’t think the problems are widespread.

Stay vigilant with your Facebook ads: glitches affecting charges and performance, Facebook ads update reveals.

So, some accounts are experiencing issues, but not every advertiser has been affected. This suggests that your ad sets might be unaffected, but it’s still wise to keep an eye on your Facebook ads’ performance.

We’ve learned from a similar glitch almost exactly a year ago that Facebook’s ad system issues can lead to significant overspending.

Last April, Meta had to acknowledge a delivery problem, resulting in many advertisers being charged more than they should have been on their ad accounts.

Interestingly, we’ve just concluded the Q1 reporting period (January to March), and considering the timing, any overspending could potentially improve Meta’s overall revenue performance for the period, even if refunds need to be issued later.

While this might sound a bit conspiratorial, Meta insists it only affects some accounts. So, it’s probably not related. But the timing is noteworthy.

Regardless, the key takeaway is to keep a close watch on your Facebook ads and note any cost fluctuations. There may or may not be a glitch affecting your account, but it’s better to stay informed amidst this Facebook ads update.


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